Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm a liar and a cheater

     I lied to my partner about "feeling horrible" a few months ago so I could sleep in.  Not only did I stand him up Thursday and Friday, but I also met with another guy Sunday morning!  Early mornings were our thing, but nevertheless there I was setting up the meet -up time and place with that other guy.  I could not stop myself despite feeling a little guilty.  Luckily he forgave me when I told him and we had a good laugh about it, but it got me wondering...Have you ever cheated on your running partner with another friend?  Were there jealously issues?   Were there tears?! 

     I train with one main person who keeps me motivated, and we go way back; however, there are also a handful of other guys that I run with for different reasons.  The newer runners are fun to meet up with for different reasons, because they are still learning about what they can do.  Showing them the ins and outs of running, and passing along all that I know is fun for me.  This is the only way I can talk about running with a captive audience.  They are too tired and winded to change the subject or disagree with my opinions.  Yes, I find enjoyment in this.  I just tell myself that they actually appreciate all that I have to say.  Surely they are quiet only because they don't want to miss the wisdom that will come out of my mouth next!

     Sometimes I train with these other guys for no other reason than pure convenience.  Our schedules are easy to coordinate, I enjoy their company, and we have similar goals.  It's just easy, and sometimes easy wins.  I've made a lot of friends this way and I am thankful to have learned from them as well.

     It is okay to train with multiple people or different groups to satisfy your selfish needs, but it is not okay to stand up your buddies.  From this moment I will not flake on a buddy so that I can get a little more sleep.  I will suck it up, drink some coffee, and take a nap later, but I will get up and run.

     Share with me a time when you lied to a friend about feeling sick or injured just to get some extra sleep.  Am I the only one?

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  1. You're the only one homie... such an exercise slut.